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Zara’s yellow jacket as shown in the online portal of the Galician group.

Zara’s ‘yellow jacket’ doubles its price on Ebay whilst still available in shops

The most viral item of clothing of the season can still be purchased on the online portal of the Spanish giant

Crónica Global
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Social media has created an unexpected spin on the spring fashion season. The yellow faux leather jacket from Zara has become the current fetish article of clothing without previous planning and has caused Amancio Ortega’s giant (who’s inspired by big brands and could be referred to as the great imitator of the market) to be imitated – a clear the paradox.

One of the reasons that has risen interest in purchasing the jacket is that its price has doubled on private sale platforms when it is still in its manufacturer’s stock.

It is possible to buy the faux leather jacket in yellow, which has instagramers around the world going crazy, as well as in its less mainstream light blue version. At 39,95 euros, it is still at the same price it has before its boom, and is available in every size except for XL. All being said, it is only available online. It is almost impossible to find it in stores.

Online revaluation

That has not stopped the brightest from putting on sale in platforms such as Ebay or Wallapop the same product at a higher price. They can  be bought new or second-hand for up to 85 euros, and some have fallen in the trap.

This marks a precedent for when Zara stops making the yellow jacket. At that time, it could be revaluated much more, although the rapidity with which fashion trends are consumed can, when that happens, cause the jacket to already be in the deepest bottom of half the world’s closets.

Speed trends

The Spanish firm is aware of it and can also play its cards. The longer it stays on the website, the higher their profit can be made with the design. 

There have been previous similar experiences in the sector. H & M is the one that has the most experience in that speculation resale. It does not happen to all its products, only in exclusive collections with top designers. They have collaborated with the firm since Lanvin (2010) by Karl Lagerfeld himself (2004).

H & M collaborations

The latest collection of this profile wore the stamp of Alexander Wang in 2014. Then he has passed the baton to other firms in the fashion conglomerate that are above in quality and design as a magnet for established names, as it shows higher performance in brand image. This strategy counts with the collaboration of Rodarte with Other Stories as part of this exercise.

When the sale has been made through H & M, they got to even detect buyers who hoarded garments in order to keep the capital gain on the online sale. That helps to make a collection more special, but has also led the company to set a limit to units that can be purchased by a single client and to filter queues. 

Will it be the same with the yellow Zara jacket? Or will it simply go out of style?