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Aircrafts of the 10 safest low-cost airlines in the world according to Airline Ratings.

The 10 safest low-cost airlines in the world

The Irish Aer Lingus leads the list of the safest groups out of the 407 companies of the low segment that operate around the globe

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The low cost segment represents 25% of the commercial aviation business, as recognised by a recent study made by PWC. The company Airline Ratings has analysed the standards of all of them, with the registers of international regulators and with the International Air Transportation Association (IATA). 

From a list of 407 companies, these are the 10 safest airlines:

1. Aer Lingus: The national Irish group has not staged any accidents since the 60s last century. In some routes it offers luxury services for being a low cost company.

2. JetBlue: Operates in the whole American continent and none of their airplanes have registered fatal accidents.

3. Jetstar: The cheap firm from Qantas has its aerial base in Melbourne (Australia) and also has not staged any incident with severe consequences. 

4. Thomas Cook: Despite being one of the firms that has more charter flights during holiday periods, it has not registered any crashes.

5. Tui Fly: The German company of charter flights has a clean record of flights.

6. Westjet: Operates mainly in Canada, its country of origin. Its flights have never fallen and it stands out for its in-flight services, especially with regards to the space of the passengers.

7. Flybe: Operates since 1979 in England and its history is clean in crashes.

8. HK Express: Operates since 2004 as a regional airline in China, even though it did not adopt the category of a low cost company until 2011. That year it started to expand through Southeast Asia, without ever having a serious air crash.

9. Volaris: The Mexican airline can flaunt about having a clean record since its first plane took of in 2005 as well.

10. Virgin America: The airline founded by Richard Branson has been recently acquired by Alaska Airlines. The new owner hopes to maintain the safety of the flights that his predecessor bequeaths.